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RBD Soyabean Oil
CAS No. 8001-22-7

It is used as cooking oil for several applications such as frying, stir frying and salad dressing. It can also be used for resin applications.


▪  Flexitank
▪  Steel Drum
▪  IBC Tank

RBD Soyabean Oil - PT ANSARA BP
RBD Soyabean Oil

Specification of RBD Soyabean Oil:

Analysis Items Specification
   Acid Value (mg. KOH/g oil) 0.2 max
   Color (5.25” Lovibond) 1.5R/20Y max
   Iodine Value (WIJS) 124-139
   Moisture and Impurity (%) 0.25 max
   Peroxide Value (meq O2/kg) 2.0 max